Canadians have been given more options to receive improved access to oral health services including direct access to a Dental Hygienist in their own practice.

Orillia Dental Hygiene provides Professional Dental Hygiene care tailored to your needs at a competitive rate. Fees are typically 20% to 40 % below the Dental Association Fee Guide (Dentist Fees)

Services offered include the following:

  • Scaling (Cleaning)
  • Dental Hygiene Assessment
  • Polishing (Stain removal)
  • “At Home” Professional Whitening
  • “In Office” Professional Whitening
  • Fabrication of Custom Sports Mouth Guards
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Oral Hygiene Assessment and Education
  • Topical Fluoride Application
  • Denture/Retainer Cleaning
  • Topical Anasthesia for Pain Management

Third Party Dental Insurance

Dental Hygiene services are covered by most third party Dental Insurance Plans such as:

  • Private/Employee (Work)
  • ODSP
  • NIHB
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Healthy Smiles
  • The Dental Hygienist will supply you with a claim form and be happy to assist you in completing it for the services provided at each appointment.

How Gum Disease Develops

Gum disease starts with the formation of hard and soft deposits on the surfaces of the teeth. Over time, a build up of bacteria called plaque collects at the gum line, eventually hardening on the teeth into deposits called calculus or tarter.

Without proper oral hygiene, these bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), penetrate the gum line and finally spread into the underlying bone (periodontitis).

If left untreated, the infection can eventually lead to shrinking and or swelling bleeding gums, loose teeth, abcesses and ultimately loss of teeth.

What You Can Do

If you have gum disease and/or are at risk for heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease or have diabetes, it is particularly important to pay attention to your oral health.

With regular, proper home and professional oral care, gum disease can be controlled and sometimes even stopped or reversed.